TG-6 Best settings for landscape photos without RAW processing

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Re: TG-6 Best settings for landscape photos without RAW processing

Thanks to all your awesome suggestions.
I have modified TG-6 to to these settings below, and now the 'test' pictures are better (see example picture below).
2 Basic Questions:
1. How do I see Peaking color in the LCD screen? Peaking color is set to Red - but don't see it anywhere ion the LCD.
2) how do I interpret the histograms (White, Red, Blue, Green and exposure histogram] 
Here are my new settings:
Program: P or A mode [either is used]

i-enhance low - saturation = +2. [ gradation is normal. I am planning to set gradation = auto]

iso 100 [I try to take picture at iso 100 if possible by increasing or decreasing exposure]

wb auto


3:2 picture size - yes - makes a difference.


Stabilizer on

Flash off


face priority = on

iso auto shift - 100 default, 400 max

lowest ss setting - [Q: what should this setting be?]

noise filter off

noise red = off

keep warm color = off

Tips to take picture:
a) modify exposure (using wheel) such that the picture is not overexposed anywhere.
b) For A mode, keep focal length to around 2. (for landscapes).

Next step: I will use these new settings on my next hike.

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