Is this Minolta lens fake?

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Re: Is this Minolta lens fake?

sybersitizen wrote:

FrancoD wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

FrancoD wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

We have now stated a couple of different opinions concerning something to which neither of us is personally connected. No need to take it any further.

Yet again you refuse to consider that many people , including regularly here, refer to their lens as a copy simply to mean the one they have, not a counterfit.

For example how often have we had members admitting that they buy several "copies" of the same lens and then keep the one they think is the best ?

You just keep refusing to consider the bleeding obvious. The OP's lens is indeed a "bad/poor/cheap " copy if sold as in "good condition" .

Repeating your position is not going to change mine. My position remains as it was all along: A professional photographer should have used the terms 'oily blades' and or 'damaged or defective element' when complaining about that lens, not 'cheap copy'.

BTW, not all that long ago I commented that I personaly don't like the use of the word "copy" because it can lead to misunderstanding , at the same time I am able to understand that others do use the alternative meanning of that word.

Must be a real problem for you to figure out how Michael Jackson sold over 66 million copies of the Thriller album. How many originals did he sell ?

As you feel compelled to repeat the same thing over and over, thinking it will somehow matter to me, it must be a real problem for you that I don't share your opinion on this topic.

That's the way it is, so here's what you can do about it:

If you think you bought a fake Rolex, would take photos of some dirt inside it or just send the watch back ?

Why would it be different with a fake lens ?

BTW, yes I am disaponted about your lack of logical thinking.

Oh. My. God. You're still at it, even after a week has passed and the OP is done with the whole mess. Between you and The Davinator in those other threads, I don't know which of you is more doggedly obsessed with trivialities. It's quite a thing to behold.

So trivial...but you keep reading the posts and responding.  Maybe they would not go on forever if you simply stopped arguing about things when you have been proven incorrect.

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