Your experiences with a long, fixed focal length, say 600mm?

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Re: Your experiences with a long, fixed focal length, say 600mm?

Andersonm wrote:

I've gotten pretty experienced with photos in normal ranges, up to about 200mm equivalent.

However, I've been looking at the Olympus 300mm micro four thirds lens. It seems quite sharp, and I love the concept of long range nature photography.

I'm just trying to get my mind around - how could possibly a fixed 600mm be suitable for pretty much anything - wouldn't 95% of subjects be either too close (large) or too far away? If you're a little bit inexperienced, wouldn't almost every interesting opportunity turn out to be the wrong length?

Not a joke at all, I would ask in the M43 forum but people might think I was trolling

I suppose another way of framing the question: let's imagine a bird, about 15cm tall - with a 600mm lens, what would be the closest and furthest away this could be for a sharp and interesting portrayal? How big is the range you have to work with?

For wildlife at 600mm eqivalent , I expect to be within 60 feet to 60 yards maximum depending on the size. To fill the frame with the subject, I'd have to cut that distance in half.

You can normally get much closer to small game than larger like deer and bear. You have to get really close to small birds.

With the m4/3, you should be able to activate features including digital zoom to get a sense of what it's like.

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