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Re: Bubbles

snapa wrote:

I was riding my bike through my local park and saw a mother and her toddler running after bubbles. I was amazed at how bright and colorful those bubbles were. So... I asked the lady if I could snap a few pictures she said sure. So, I got off my bike and ran after the bubbles as they drifted around. I set the SS to 1/200sec, tried to keep the bubbles in the center while panning, and to my surprise, it worked out pretty well, IMHO.

I also wanted to see if my trusty old a6300 & 70-300G would AF on them, and I think they came out just fine. They were taken on Tuesday just after 6pm, as the sun was starting to go down.

I liked this one because I can see myself right in the center, and it shows the sunset though the trees.

I tried to catch this one with the kids slides in the background to add some nice colors.

Another one with the picnic area behind it.

I call this "The Double Bubble"

And one with my bike in the background.

C&C is always welcome.

It's not been a great week, but it lightened my mood immensely to think of snaps chasing bubbles. Thanks.

Cheers. C

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