Options for Scanning 120 films ???

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The Davinator wrote:

There is a fair bit of detail there. Flatbeds benefit a great deal from enhancing acutance and texture.

Yes. Flatbed scans, even perfectly focused ones, need more sharpening than a camera scan, or a scan from a top-notch dedicated film scanner. But they can tolerate more before the image degrades.

When I optimize scans from my V700 vs. Imacon or high-magnification camera scans, I invariably use significantly more sharpening on the V700 scans. But if I apply that heavy sharpening to the camera scan, it gets too crunchy.

There's no doubt that my high-magnification camera scans are better than my V700 scans, but the gap is noticeably smaller than it appears if you compare unoptimized raw scans with no sharpening or other post-processing. For many real-world purposes, especially with medium format or larger film, the gap is inconsequential or even invisible.

I find something similar with dynamic range. An Imacon or camera scan definitely does have more potential dynamic range than my V700 -- especially evident in deep shadows of contrasty scenes -- but if I do the V700 scan right, the practical difference is not as large as quick, non-optimized scans would lead you to believe.

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