2019 Camera market share

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Re: 2019 Camera market share

Zinch wrote:


I've found this article based on data from a Nikkei article:


I think it's not what a lot of people expected

This thread is like one from a US political web site. A bunch of strange, twisted logic to explain how the obvious meaning of verifiable facts is not true. Misunderstandings of past overblown headlines (Sony leading in ff, Japan only, ILC for one year misunderstood as Sony is leading ww in cams) allow people to miss the point.

Canon has dominant market share and is growing fastest. Sony is maintaining. Nikon is slipping. Others need to be in niches or die since they won't be able fund a full lens portfolio on <5% share.

Canon has been asleep in FF mirrorless ilc but has released strong products; Sony has been asleep in entry level lens feeder products but is rumored to release new entry product soon. Those are the coming battles. Nikon is in trouble trying to fund a new lens mount platform without any modern low end feeders with the flawed theory they can take on #1 and #2 in the high margin segments from behind. Repackaging #2's sensors and selling as high end isn't working for Nikon and probably won't work in the future.

The point isn't who's got a great camera. They all do.

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