Sony 90mm G Macro vs Voigtlander 110mm Macro APO

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Re: Sony 90mm G Macro vs Voigtlander 110mm Macro APO

mujana wrote:

AZheaven wrote:

I'd buy the Voigtlander in a heartbeat for macro. But with manual focus only I will have to pass. My eyes are not what they used to be. The Sony 90mm is now high on the list, unless Tamron or Sigma comes out with a FE version. As for the current Sigma I'm not a fan of the zoom focusing and focal length.

I've tried manual focusing with my Sony 24-105 and Tamron 70-180 on my A7III. And I'm not getting any sharp shots.

Thank you AZheaven. Why would you buy the Voigtlander in a heartbeat if your eyes would be better?

The Voigtlander is longer by 20mm. It's as sharp if not sharper than the Sony 90mm according to reviews. And AF can be used in many cases not just for some macro. I was just tested last week and have 20/20 vision. Distance vision is excellent. Close up is a totally different story however! I'm even increasing the font on my Mac to about 250%! So having a lens that autofocuses is my best friend!

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