Sony 90mm G Macro vs Voigtlander 110mm Macro APO

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Re: Sony 90mm G Macro vs Voigtlander 110mm Macro APO

thank you sanosai. Good, that you found your macro lens.

sanosai wrote:

mujana wrote:

I’m sorry to push this old thread up again, but I ‘m curious. What lens did you choose?
I’m in the same situation as you, and trying to choose between Voigtlander 110mm macro and Sony 90mm macro.

thank you

I went for the 90mm Sony (and have no regrets). I m not saying that I m consistently getting excellent results (this has to do with my lack of skills needed to fully exploit my gear!)

I just think that I couldn't live without OSS (as my a6300 doesn't have in body stabi), plus for the near to 1:1 distances, it is reported to still be the sharpest out there. Occasionally, when I manage to get everything right, I m really happy with results. Hopefully, as I up my skills, I ll get more consistent results!

I’m not experienced in macro photography either. I’ll have to learn. Beside that, I use the A7RIV with IBIS (but many more pixels to deal with...probably more critical to movement). But I can also crop to APS-C size.

I m not particularly impressed with AF speed of the 90mm. I am saying that in comparison to the 100-400GM which I ve rented for 3 days (it was blazzingly fast to focus, even on my a6300). But this is probably an unfair comparison because a) 90mm is not a GM, b) I don't have an a9 to draw safe conclusions about its speed c) it is said that pure macro lenses aren't the fastest in terms of AF performance. Also, as I get close to 1:1 range, its really struggling to focus at all (so I have to switch to MF). Luckily, I don't use AF too often, so I m not really impacted by this.

that seems to be the major difference between the Voigtlander and the Sony (MF/AF). I will probably not use a macro lens for portraits (have my Batis 85 for that), or anything other than macro and slide copying. Now if the AF is of less or no use in macro photography, then I could as well buy a true MF lens like the Voigtlander. How is the focus throw on the Sony? I’ve read that it’s a bit small/short and not easy to work accurately in 1:1? What are your experiences here? The Voigtlander has a very large/long focus throw (not handy for portraits/etc., but better for macro 1:1 (?).

IMHO, the 90mm Sony still remains the class leading option for hardcore macro on Sony FE. I still have lots of respect for the 110mm V. (judging by the reviews

same here....judging by reviews and user experiences. Unfortunately there’s no place here, where I could try both (especially the Voigtlander).

if I was to go fully manual, I d be tempted by the Laowa option (e.g. 2.5- 5x) to get that extra magnification

I’ve looked at the Laowa as well, but I don’t like the fact that it has no electronic contacts and so no communication with camera at all. With the Voigtlander camerasettings (f- stop) is visible and I can use focus peaking as well in MF. With 60Mp in my A7RIV, I can crop quite a bit .

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