Is this Minolta lens fake?

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Re: Is this Minolta lens fake?

FrancoD wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

FrancoD wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

We have now stated a couple of different opinions concerning something to which neither of us is personally connected. No need to take it any further.

Yet again you refuse to consider that many people , including regularly here, refer to their lens as a copy simply to mean the one they have, not a counterfit.

For example how often have we had members admitting that they buy several "copies" of the same lens and then keep the one they think is the best ?

You just keep refusing to consider the bleeding obvious. The OP's lens is indeed a "bad/poor/cheap " copy if sold as in "good condition" .

Repeating your position is not going to change mine. My position remains as it was all along: A professional photographer should have used the terms 'oily blades' and or 'damaged or defective element' when complaining about that lens, not 'cheap copy'.

BTW, not all that long ago I commented that I personaly don't like the use of the word "copy" because it can lead to misunderstanding , at the same time I am able to understand that others do use the alternative meanning of that word.

Must be a real problem for you to figure out how Michael Jackson sold over 66 million copies of the Thriller album. How many originals did he sell ?

As you feel compelled to repeat the same thing over and over, thinking it will somehow matter to me, it must be a real problem for you that I don't share your opinion on this topic.

That's the way it is, so here's what you can do about it:

If you think you bought a fake Rolex, would take photos of some dirt inside it or just send the watch back ?

Why would it be different with a fake lens ?

BTW, yes I am disaponted about your lack of logical thinking.

Oh. My. God. You're still at it, even after a week has passed and the OP is done with the whole mess. Between you and The Davinator in those other threads, I don't know which of you is more doggedly obsessed with trivialities. It's quite a thing to behold.

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