Options for Scanning 120 films ???

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Re: Options for Scanning 120 films ???

Barry Twycross wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

Steven Seven wrote:

Have you tried experimenting with film holders? The image you posted is out of focus (I'd estimate it to have maybe effective 3MP, not 80).

I agree with your general point, but I think your 3MP estimate is off. Also, the posted example is a roughly 60MP image rather than 80MP.

I downsampled that photo to 3MP and again to 7MP, then upsampled both results back to the original resolution for on-screen comparisons.

Original on left compared to 3MP variant on right

Original on left compared to 7MP variant on right

Based on that, I think there's more like 7MP of usable resolution in the original scan. Still very poor for a file that contains 60MP.

I've never looked at this one that closely. This one may not be that sharp in camera, there are other shots where I can see a definite difference between a 15MP and 30MP version (using sybersitizen's method).

I'm going to have to revisit the scanning here. I have heard that focus on these scanners is an issue, but I've never worried about it, there's more than enough resolution for my purposes.

I wouldn't expect to get any more than 30MP or so out of one of these, given the photographer used 400ASA film (in 1994).

Here's a couple of crops from a better neg. This is 8MP cropped from the 60MP. The first one is straight off the scanner, the other is lightly processed.

You can see some of the grain of the image, which is when I think it's good enough. This is the difference between the flatbed and the film scanner, the film scanner will clearly image the grain.

I'm still not expecting much more than 16MP out of one of these negs, and there's somewhere between 15 and 30MP. I think it'd make a good 40" print, possibly a reasonable 70".

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