Looking at buying an E-M1 II

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Re: Looking at buying an E-M1 II

MikeB2000 wrote:

There are killer deals on the E-M1 II right now -- from $899 new to less than $600 for a used one from a reputable vendor. I currently have an E-M5 II with 5 Oly lenses, but have read on this forum that the E-M1 II will fit my large hands better, and of course it has a larger sensor, even better IBIS, and more.

I'm a casual photographer and probably can't justify the expense, but I like nice stuff. And based on my well built E-M5, I would probably love the E-M1.

Don't really care about Oly being sold or the future of their cameras. And at my age (old), I have no plans to upgrade to FF or APS-C.

I'd appreciate your comments.

I just bought one from MPB for $850 if i remember, had just over 6k clicks, nearly new. They threw in 3 batteries and the tiny little flash, i was happy as those were not on the listing, i really like MPB. With that said, i have owned quite a few bodies to compare, in no particular order.

Sony A33 (my first ever ILC), Sony A77II, Pentax K3 and K5IIs, Canon 70D and M50 (still have the M50), Nikon D700 (3 separate occasions), D300 (twice and still have one), D700 (twice), D800, Olympus EM1 (gifted to my dad for last father's day), Panasonic GX850, GX7 (twice), G9, and now just bought my EM1-II. I also bought an old EPM2 for my daughter to learn on.

With all that said, i love the EM1-II, it's very good everywhere. The few places it's inferior to my G9 (closest competitor IMO) are mostly due to menu and button config, the G9 had a joystick and could program every button, even joystick directions. The EM1-II has a few functions i need to menu surf for regularly, if i could change one thing that would be it, but it's better with AF, bursts, and IBIS so it's a trade that's well worth it. Video AF is also so good, i was surprised how much i've been into video with it.

It's, overall, the best camera i have owned, from phones up to FF. Here's a handful i have captured so far. It's fairly small and light, lots of buttons, immensely fast AF, it's quite a camera. I should have bought this two years ago instead of my G9.

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