TG-6 Best settings for landscape photos without RAW processing

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Re: TG-6 Best settings for landscape photos without RAW processing

RetCapt wrote:

FWIW, I'll give you the settings I use on my TG-4. I think the TG-4 and TG-6 are similar enough to carry over.

I use PROGRAM mode because it allows more manual selection, including +/-, which I find extremely useful.

The rest of the settings; picture mode = vivid, wb=auto, compression = fine, AF area = center, meter pattern = center weighted, image stabilizer = on.

I have attached a snapshot, taken my first weekend out with it, so I was just testing. You can see the specific data on the EXIF file. Note that using PROGRAM, ISO was 100, f/# was 4.5, and shutter speed was 1/500. These are the settings I would have chosen if I had total manual control over the camera, so to me that validates the selection of PROGRAM.

Although not necessary in this case, I often bracket using the +/- adjustment. Using the - control I find I often can retain more highlight detail and increase saturation.

Full disclosure dept: To me, no photograph, even a snapshot that will not result in a large print, is complete until I edit via Photoshop Elements. So what is attached here is the product of the camera and PSE.

Besides this TG-4, I have a much earlier iteration, the 1030SW. I still use this 1030SW. I had gotten the TG-4 for the f2 lens, but when I don't have use for that speed the 1030SW works just fine. What I can assure you from my experience with the 1030SW and the TG-4 is that these cameras are capable of outstanding results. I have a 13X19" print (the limit of my printer) night shot taken with the TG-4 that is amazing. These cameras punch well above their weight.

So, keep on testing and learning. Your TG-6 has what it takes to do an outstanding job for you.

Good luck.

Good suggestions RetCapt. I will try them out.

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