Canon R5 vs Sony A7SIII vs 1dx Mark III - The Ultimate Video Shootout

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Re: Canon R5 vs Sony A7SIII vs 1dx Mark III - The Ultimate Video Shootout

Pete_vB wrote:

Good review and I think they do their best to be unbiased. I’m wondering about their conclusion re lens selection however, starting at 16:42 in the video.

“Canon has a wider lens selection, and having used Sony G-Master vs Canon RF and EF L-series we all like the Canon lenses better.” They go on to say that they have a big investment in canon glass towards the end.

I know I’m asking a biased audience but is that a widely held view? Is it specific to film-making? Put another way, specifically in the RF line in which focal lengths is the Canon considered superior?

A fast Sony prime lineup might be 24 1.4 GM, 35 Sigma 1.2, 50 1.4 Zeiss, 85 Sigma 1.4 DN, 135 1.8 GM, 400/ 600. In comparison I might put canon ahead at 50mm and possibly 85mm with their 1.2s, but I’d have thought Sony would be considered equal or likely ahead everywhere else? Or at least I wasn’t aware that adapted RF glass was equal to the E mount offerings at 24, 35 or 135mm.

With zooms I see a stronger argument with the 28-70 f2 and new 70-200 (both better than I believe Sony offers) but Sony counters with a wide selection, from high quality 100-400 and 200-600 offerings to the compact Tamron 70-180, sharp Sigma 24-70 2.8, etc. Sure Canon can adapt similar glass, but...

Bottom line do you guys agree Canon has a wider and better lens selection? For film making in particular perhaps? Or do you think that view’s perhaps dated?

Speaking of the lens selection solely, I don't think either platform has a problem. Since most of the professional video is done using manual focus, there are many more options via adapter behind the native line. For those who are using AF, both systems are offering plenty of good lenses.

It is important to take a different look at the lens "quality" when we speak about the video in general. Things like sharpness, field curvature, and some other aberrations are usually less important than weather sealing, rig compatibility, flaring, distortion, and color accuracy across the line.

In other words, apart from the direct compatibility between RF and E line, where Canon has few f/1.2 lenses and Sony - amazing Zeiss Loxia line (for the budget production) e-g- almost all other lenses are available for both systems.

For still photography, I don't see big disadvantages for any of the systems either. Sony has a great GM line of primes and zooms while Canon did an amazing job in bringing to the market so many great RF lenses in such a short period. Both lines will keep evolving also by the addition of the 3rd party lens makers. There will always be one model slightly better composed than its counterpart and vice versa, but the real-world differences in the IQ will be hardly meaningful.

Just my 2c

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