How do you sell your photos online?

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Re: How do you sell your photos online?

Ian_abaco wrote:

jimhughes wrote:

Ian_abaco wrote:

I wonder why faa doesn't offer the ability to use your own domain?

Many have asked for that over the years, but FAA isn't interested. You can do a redirect, but that's not as good.

I found this article maybe it will work

Yes I remember all that hoo-ha about SSL after a redirect, and someone eventually figured out how to make it work.

Really, the way to learn about FAA is to just pony up the $30, upload a lot of photos, and ask questions in their forum. The FAA upload process is tedious but not nearly as bad as, say, Society6 (shudder). People in the forum will happily answer your questions as long as you stay positive - if you criticize FAA your thread may get shut down.

If you have some decent photos of things for which people might be keyword-searching, and subjects that aren't totally saturated already, you might get a sale. You don't have to be exclusive with FAA, you can sell your photos elsewhere and still keep your pricing consistent.

I've been on FAA for years and have sold quite a few in that time. Eventually I decided that I needed to start promoting my own domain for the future, because I didn't like the direction at FAA. I actually have a series of blog posts about my long and only somewhat successful attempts to get Google to start indexing my SmugMug gallery on my own domain.

I took a look at your site, it looks fine, I'll look at it more closely later. I do remember the FotoMoto plugin, I looked into that once and decided it wasn't for me, but can't remember why...

I'm still trying to figure all this out myself. My sales have been pretty dismal since COVID hit, sometimes it's hard to stay motivated, but I'm looking to the future. My blog is now getting some views and I'm trying to build on that. Feel free to PM me with any questions I might be able to answer. Or even better, post a question on my visitor-hungry blog.

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