What is Arca Swiss?

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Re: What is Arca Swiss?

BidinTime wrote:

I hit Post prematurely and you replied (quickly) so I couldn't edit. Thank you.

Here's my complaint:

I have two tripod-ballheads by different manufacturers. Both say they are Arca compatible. But the QR plates are not interchangeable. So, being Arca compatible is kind of meaningless. Is that the proprietary standard that you're talking about?

Is the only way to have compatible QR plates to swap out the ballheads?

I think it's a reverse engineered 'standard' all will fit arca swiss heads but some at the wide end (A) & some at the narrow end (B).

If you pick up a plate from A & try to fit it to a clamp from B the clamp may not open far enough. Likewise a plate from B will not be held firmly in a clamp from A, yet either A or B will work with accessories that are the same size as the original arca model.

Fortunately all the random assortment of bit's I've collected have fit in every combination I've tried other than a plate I made myself which turns out too small for most of my clamps! I think the screw type clamps generally have a greater tolerance for widths than the lever type. Mind you there are also some plates with little safety pegs underneath (supposedly to stop the plate sliding right out if the clamp is just loosened) that can stop them fitting in some clamps. Most of these pegs are removable with a simple Allen key

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