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Re: R5 Owner's Question ONLY!

Robert J 2020 wrote:

There is so much ambiguity on the internet, please if you own an R5 (which I want to get) can you answer from experience the following questions?

1. have you experienced ANY overheating signals only using in photography mode using in a highspeed (12fps mechanical) continuous shooting environment? Not using for landscapes or weddings, but high speed sporting environment.

2. How long can it maintain 12fps (mechanical) as battery drops charge?

If either of these conditions hamper performance I am afraid I won't be shelling out $6,048.00 plus CFexpress cars for one.


Good questions but a third question should be what was the ambient temperature during this and were you in sun or shade.  Here in Texas I've been to many an outdoor event, like airshows, where the ambient temperature in the shade is 85-95 on a good day and 95++ on really hot days.  It will be interesting to see if using one outdoors in the sun in very hot ambient temperatures ever causes it to shut down just from stills.  By the time the RF 100-500 gets here it will probably have cooled down enough to not be able to do that test here myself until next July.

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