How do you sell your photos online?

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Re: How do you sell your photos online?

mfinley wrote:

jimhughes wrote:

I've sold photos on FAA for years. What would you like to know?

Can you create a professional and seemless buying experience on a wordpress website using the FAA shopping cart?

Are you better off with your own website and doing the above or create a FAA website and sell through that?

I haven't tried the shopping cart, but from what I've read in their forum, it's not 'customizable' and there isn't a way to use it to bring up a 'buy' page for a specific photo that someone was looking it.

The second question is complicated. I'm a small potato, only selling a few on FAA in a month, relying on keyword search. The website that FAA gives you at the $30 level is clunky looking and not very customizable. I don't use it, but it works for some people. The only traffic you'll get there is what you generate on your own. You can't use a custom domain, you can't use Google Search Console.

Since it's not your domain, you're not really building up SEO in the bank for the future.  Based on what's been happening there in recent years I have some fear that the owner will sell or merge the business and those  'premium' sites may go away.  They haven't received any significant updates in years.

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