TG-6 Best settings for landscape photos without RAW processing

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Re: TG-6 Best settings for landscape photos without RAW processing

I take ton's of landscape photos on my TG-6. The following are my favorite settings:

  • Use 1 second delay for crisp images
  • i-enhance > low for blue skies
  • Vivid and i-enhance tend to be too much...but can be used on low contrast situations like overcast skies
  • Turn off "keep colors warm"
  • In some situations I will use custom WB (the TG6 errors on the warm side)
  • I like to slightly under-expose to maintain saturation
  • Turn noise reduction to low...normal destroys tree leaves
  • For have to use zoom (not to make the scene bigger but to compress the scene).

In some cases OOC jpgs can easily be punched up in PP. You don't need lightroom.... I find over-exposed images work fantastic with Gimp > Gmic > Dehaze. Under-exposed images look very nice after using Gimp > color > exposure > exposure.

I actually didn't think your images looked too bad.

The TG-6 can take decent landscape pictures...but isn't an elite landscape camera. Compared to other similar cameras it's midtones and highlights are exceptionally bright. This can be a good thing if you're shooting say in a dark canyon...but when there is a lot of direct sunlight (especially near the summer solstice) highlights can get totally washed out. As we near fall and winter your photos should actually get better as the TG-6 will be better equipped to deal with the darker blue skies. The over-exposed highlights mean in general you want to be closer to your subject if possible as things in the distance are more apt to be over-exposed.

The TG-6 actually has an option to use a built-in ND filter (aperture priority) which might help for some landscape shots to reduce dynamic range.

The following are some of landscape shots with the TG-6:

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