Looking at buying an E-M1 II

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Re: Looking at buying an E-M1 II

MikeB2000 wrote:

There are killer deals on the E-M1 II right now -- from $899 new to less than $600 for a used one from a reputable vendor. I currently have an E-M5 II with 5 Oly lenses

I'm a casual photographer and probably can't justify the expense, but I like nice stuff. And based on my well built E-M5, I would probably love the E-M1.

Which lenses are those?
I will recommend spending the money on investing the money in a Pro lens if you do not own one. They qualify as 'nice stuff' and they are definitely worth the expense.

but have read on this forum that the E-M1 II will fit my large hands better, and of course it has a larger sensor, even better IBIS, and more.

Imagine an Olympus engineer flew over from Japan, measured your hands and made you a camera. The grip is really good.

Don't expect a leap in image quality.
I upgraded my M10.2 to an M1.2 and I saw no difference in photos.
My laptop throws away 14MP of my M10 and 18Mp of the M1.2,
Yes, ibis is a bit better on paper and the Pro capture + PD-AF lets me take shots I can not take with the M10 ... but don't expect any leap in visible quality.

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