Em1 Mk2 Battery options

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I never recommend non-OEM batteries

Like others here, I do not use nor recommend non-OEM (third party) batteries.

Their reliability and consistency is too erratic. A bad battery won't just ruin an image. It can destroy your camera and cause injuries/burns.

Buying a name brand battery ensures better quality plus you have the manufacturer to back you up. If an Olympus battery ruins your Olympus camera, it's easy to see its a Canon problem.

If an Acme battery ruins your Olympus camera, there will be a lot of finger pointing while you're without a camera.

I also consider that the reliability means I need to buy and carry/charge fewer batteries. It also means fewer batteries that need to be disposed of.

WWhy jeopardize a $1,200 camera trying to save $20 on a battery?

It's not worth the risk.

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