Sony FE 24mm 1.4 GM continually focusIng, back focusing, jumping

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Thanks for the follow-up. A few more thoughts:

billorg wrote:

So, I found a good camera/lens compatibility page on Sony’s site ( and as I feared, this lens is not compatible with the NEX series. The firmware flash of the lens does not address the main problem - the AF. Here is the list of the things that don’t work when you pair a NEX with the 24G lens (focus hold is the dealbreaker):

Thanks for the follow-up. Many OPs never follow-up on the resolution of their original posted problem.

Widespread advice/"common knowledge" is "spend your money on good glass, not bodies; good glass lasts forever. Etc, etc..."

That ignores multiple factors, such as the incompatibilities you experienced and found documented. Sometimes, because of technological paradigm shifts (i.e. phase detect vs. contrast detect AF) and/or manufacturer loss of support for "forever" compatibility, one has no choice but to put some money into updating camera bodies (a rude awakening if that money isn't available in your savings or budget).

I personally think that another two issues should factor into such decisions, but are unstated and often ignored.

1) familiarization with the equipment, its use, and muscle memory. That argues for keeping camera bodies as long as possible. But long-term satisfaction with that camera means that its capabilities meet your needs. That in turn is an argument for not "under-buying" in the selection of a camera body (finances permitting).

2) sometimes, one hears stated that "such and such lens isn't 'good enough' for some new high-resolution camera body". That's actually false, even an outright crappy lens will never be worse with a high-resolution sensor than it was with a lower-res one, and often it will be modestly improved (and potentially further improved, because a greater number of pixels allows for more elaborate post processing). Such a pairing might not be economically optimal, and wouldn't make sense to go out and purchase as a new combination. But if you already have a bunch of old lenses, they might all be modestly improved by a new, higher-resolution (higher pixel density) body (improved at the level of the entire photo, not pixel-peeping small pixels against large ones). They certainly won't be worse than on your existing body. (The principles behind this were explained quite well in a couple of white papers Zeiss put out a number of years back exploring MTF; sorry I don't have titles or links handy).

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