Sony 90mm G Macro vs Voigtlander 110mm Macro APO

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Re: Sony 90mm G Macro vs Voigtlander 110mm Macro APO

nkistrup wrote:

mujana wrote:

I’m sorry to push this old thread up again, but I ‘m curious. What lens did you choose?
I’m in the same situation as you, and trying to choose between Voigtlander 110mm macro and Sony 90mm macro.

thank you

Rented both over a month ago, with the emphasis on infrared shooting. Have tested 10 lenses for the a6300, and the Voigtlander 110mm macro is THE WORST for infrared.

That aside, both lenses were sharp shooting in visible light, but found the 110mm a much better option (can't justify it now, but it's on my wish list for next year).

  1. Sharper; comparable to the Zeiss 100mm Makro my Nikon D7100
  2. Must better working distance; and the 20mm is highly significant & always preferred longer focal lengths for close-up work, since my subjects are further away
  3. Manual Focus ring is incredibly smooth

And the need to set aperture on the lens doesn't bother me, since I already have 2 Zeiss Loxias, and almost always shoot in manual exposure.

If you are really torn, rent first. Good luck!


Thank you Niels. I don’t do infrared shooting. Longer reach should indeed be an advantage. With my 16-35GM and the Batis 85 I’m very happy with the AF of the A7RIV! Ofcourse with macro that could be very different, and I don’t mind MF at all. The throw of the Voigtlander is very long and that of the 90mm maybe a bit short. Apart from that, the Voigtlander extends quite a bit. That didn’t bother you?

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