Owner of canon glass who can't afford an R/R5/R6, how about a7ii?

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Re: Owner of canon glass who can't afford an R/R5/R6, how about a7ii?

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I've been using a Canon 7d with my canon glass for a while now, haven't really looked into the newer cameras until recently. I've been looking to buy a used Canon full frame camera such as a 5d mk ii or 6d. But it appears mirrorless is the way everything is moving.

Now I cannot afford the new Canon mirrorless, such as the eos R, R5, or R6. I have a budget of around 700 bucks and I can get a couple of deals on a used A7II with sigma MC-11 adapter to use my canon glass on it.

I only have 3 lenses a 17-40L, 300mm F4 L, and a 50 1.4, all Canon glass.

What is your opinion on going this route? I don't mind switching systems in order to have a more modern set of tech in my camera, however I would like to keep using my current glass until I can slowly get newer glass over time.

Or should I just stick with finding a used Canon full frame camera?


You already got good answers from others and as have been stated the A7II isn't the best for driving adapted glass, the A7RII is better but the best I think would be to try to find a way to buy a used A7III, that body is good with adapted glass.

Also research the lenses you have to see how well they work, it can differ from model to model. And also it can differ between how well they work on different adapters.

Another route would be a used Canon RP or maybe R (I don't know the price levels of used ones).

Or get a used Canon 6D, 6DII, 5D, 5DII etc for now and save money to get a mirrorless later and then sell that DSLR again to part finance the mirrorless.

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