Owner of canon glass who can't afford an R/R5/R6, how about a7ii?

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Re: Owner of canon glass who can't afford an R/R5/R6, how about a7ii?

tqlla wrote:

From what I read, the A7Rii is much better for adapted glass than the A7ii. So thats what I would go with.

I'll second the above.

Some statements about the A7II having bad IQ really are baseless, but AF will be better on the A7RII, as well as IQ (42mp & no anti-alias filter).

How well your Canon lenses will AF on an A7RII depends largely on your needs and expectations.

What does work very well: AF-S in the central regions with FLs up to about 300mm.

What doesn't usually work so well: tracking moving subjects with AF-C, focusing on peripheral focus points and FLs beyond 300mm can sometimes start searching.

That means that for static or slow moving subjects, performance can be very satisfying (that's my situation), for fast action, many sports and so on, you might feel limited compared to Canon on Canon or Sony on Sony body-glass combinations.

Using the MC-11 Adapter should be no problem. Using the Metabones IV, IV T or V *could* lead to corner sharpness problems with your 17-40 at the wider FLs, because those adapters are often a little too short (easily solved by shimming though, if you prefer Metabones for other reasons).

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