Are Cheap Monitors Really "Cheap"?

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Re: Are Cheap Monitors Really "Cheap"?

WryCuda wrote:

threw the lens wrote:

Batdude wrote:

Is simply impossible to get a hold of every single monitor out there to see if it meets our personal and individual needs when it comes down to color quality output.

Since my kids will start school from home very soon I have to start looking into the possibility of buying at least one more computer monitor. All I can go by is reviews on the internet and I just found this monitor (ViewSonic VP2468 Professional 24 inch 1080p Monitor 100% sRGB Rec 709 14-bit 3D LUT Color Calibration for Photography and Graphic Design) which is supposed to be really good for graphics design, which my kids are starting to do, and it costs LESS than $300???

You're getting the kind of monitor which sells also around $100 remember, only with lesser quality and attention to detail. Did you not see how many 24in FHD IPS monitors there are? That extra $200 has plenty of scope to put a LUT in there.

ViewSonic are obviously not dummies or giving you some unreal bargain, they've found a way to sell something at 2x-3x the price for the sake of pro features.

24in- cheap. IPS- cheap.

If all you want is a bog standard monitor with pro calibration features, you don't need to pay more do you? What is the issue?

Yes, and if the cheap monitor doesn't satisfy, return it or toss it.

$100 hardly buys a decent meal for two these days, so why obsess?

I didn't say he should get a $100 monitor, mind you. I was just thinking that the panel in the  ViewSonic VP2468 24in IPS could be comparable with $100-150 monitors and he was paying extra for extra professional features like LUT. And if that's the cheapest way he's going to get a new monitor with LUT then why not. As long as he knows he's missing out on size, resolution, gamut, or the contrast of VA for example. Because 24in FHD IPS is absolutely bog standard in the monitor market nowadays.

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