Chinese user modifies Canon R5 to improve heat management but finds artificial firmware time limit

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Re: Nonesense ALL time limits are to ensure data integrity quality

janez wrote:

To reduce cooling time they would have to find a way to release that heat.

To put things in context, this is Nikon's solution on the Z7 :

@Lensrentals (

This looks like the rather obvious, intuitive, "armchair engineer" way of heat release management : Soc > heat pad on top of it > external body part (albeit behind the articulated rear screen). Fairly straightforward. The Panasonic S1R uses a seemingly similar approach. Does it work well or not ? Is it an optimal solution in the context of the Z7's overall design ? Maybe, maybe not, IDK. Of course the Z7's video specs are a lot less ambitious. One advantage of that design is that theoretically it would respond well to external cooling solutions strapped on the body.

I believe that some cameras are trying to be clever by extending that heat pad towards the tripod plate or the front frame as well, for example (I believe that's Sony). But most attempt to link the Soc to the external body one way or another at some point.

The R5's design is a lot, lot more counter-intuitive to your typical armchair engineer such as me :

- the thermal pads don't cover the whole Soc and are shared between it and the memory.

- they link to a thin metal cover that's right behind another PCB. This is downright bizarre.

- that PCB doesn't seem to be linked to the external body.

- behind the main PCB, right behind the Soc, there is another thermal pad linking it to a solid metal frame. But the heat has to go through the main PCB first instead of the Soc being behind the main PCB in the first place. That metal bracket doesn't seem to have a large contact area with the external body.

I have no idea what this all means. But I would wager that Canon engineers understood very well what this arrangement meant in terms of thermal management (Regardless of whether this peculiar arrangement is effective or not, something that's still to be determined, I can't believe that this is the result of unintentional thermal engineering incompetence). And at least some people at Canon were very much totally fine with what this meant.

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