Looking at buying an E-M1 II

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Re: Looking at buying an E-M1 II

I upgraded from a EM5.2 to EM1.2 a few months ago.


- Video is WAY better. I found the EM5.2 to have soft 1080P while the EM1.2 in 24p C4K mode has pretty sharp 4K video.

- Focusing is better. I didn't run any super formal tests, but C-AF in particular seems a lot better.

- Ergonomics. I love the feel in hand with the 12-40. The 12-40 was just on the edge of usability on the EM5.2; for me, any larger lens (12-100, 40-150, etc) would have been far too unwieldy.

- Durability. I've only had this camera for a couple of months, so I can't say definitively. But I had to send the EM5.2 in for repairs twice. The first time was when I snapped the card door off after leaving the camera on a table with the door open. That was admittedly my fault, but it shows how not robust some of the parts are. The second time I sent it in for repairs was when the on/off switch malfunctioned, which is a problem that other people on this board have mentioned. So far, I haven't heard of any relability problems with the EM1.2.


- Size. In particular, I miss having the smaller body with some of the 1.8 primes. I loved going out with the EM5.2 with the 17/1.8 at night and doing night street photography.

When the EM1.2 came out a few years ago at $2000 and the slow-ass video focusing, most people scoffed at it. But at the current prices (I was able to buy it new for $900 gray market) with the v3 autofocus firmware upgrade, I think it's an excellent deal if you're looking to upgrade.

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