Owner of canon glass who can't afford an R/R5/R6, how about a7ii?

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Re: Owner of canon glass who can't afford an R/R5/R6, how about a7ii?

I have not really researched pricing on the other Canon cameras you mentioned as I am not in the market to buy at the moment.

My suggestion is from my experience.  Instead of buying something just to get something make your money work for you.

  1. Save longer for what you truly want / need. In the end it will be worth it.
  2. Buy used
  3. If you have anything you can sell to raise the money 
  4. Cut back on anything you can to see if will help. Can be eating outside the home for carry out/ restaurants whatever. IF you go to Starbucks to get a regular coffee every day that is a good part of $300 alone maybe more.
  5. Look at your cable use get rid of anything not necessary. ask for a reduction or special promo with you cell or cable etc.
  6. If you have a job use credit to get what you need with a plan on how to pay it off. I doubt most here have a disposable $4000 to spend right away. Have a plan but nothing wrong with using a CC if you are responsible with it.

I think we would all be amazing how fast you can find $1000 if we really wanted to.

If you buy what you truly need and not going half way you will save alot of money.

One day you will sell this $700 camera for $300 or something and pay $400 more for what you really wanted to begin with.

That is from my experience.

Last is the reality of the current world pandemic situation.  That question is how much are you really getting out to shoot anyway?  Myself not like I was Pre March 2020. Maybe where you are is different. Yes, your money your choice but it is ok to research and go for it, but sometimes it is worth sleeping on it and taking pen to paper and write down a plan with all options.  If you are happy with Plan A, great never mind my post .

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