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Re: I use a holster bag suspended from the handlebar

skanter wrote:

SamKnopf wrote:

I just use a holster bag that has belt loops.

Are you talking about a bike or e-scooter?

I have a couple of dog collars with fast clips that I thread through the loops and hang on the handlebar. (Nylon fabric ones bought at a dollar store.)

Not as much room on e-scooter handlebars (it has a throttle, brake and horn and carry bag attached already) but it’s possible. The camera fits fine in the carry bag, but it takes too much time to take it out, I miss the shot.I’m doing street photography, and the moment passes in a flash.

It works pretty well, and is much more comfortable than carrying a camera around my neck. It's especially useful when carrying my heavier camera (A7R2 with its zoom lens is about 2.5 pounds). I find that, leaning forward on a bike, even a light camera such as the A6000 around my neck becomes uncomfortable pretty quickly.

Neck straps are horrible, I’ve never used one, only hand straps - but not when I need both hands like riding e-scooter.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Yes, I was talking about something more like a bicycle with a wider handlebar.  However, it looks like it can be made to work on your scooter as well, as it's just a couple of thin straps.  The holster case lets you easily drop the camera in, and quickly just clip or zip its top down.

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