Looking at buying an E-M1 II

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Re: Looking at buying an E-M1 II

excellent camera, but keep your EM5-ii, if you can.
I have both and still use my EM5-ii more than the EM1-ii...
I use mysets a lot and have 3 assigned to buttons, so one press allows a quick setup for the type of shot I need to react to...
EM1-ii doesn;t have mysets. It has 'custom' modes, which will do the same as mysets. However these are only available on the mode dial, and can't be set for quick access with a button press...
Otherwise, on the plus side is CAF w/ tracking is superior, especially if you do any wildlife photos. The Hybrid PDAF/CDAF works great.
I also have large hands, not meaty, just long/big; and the EM1-ii does feel very comfy.
(adding a Fotodiox hand grip to the EM5-ii made a HUGE difference - love it!)


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