Canon R5 vs Sony A7SIII vs 1dx Mark III - The Ultimate Video Shootout Locked

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Re: Only 1 does 8K RAW for even 1 minute, so we have a winner for me.

Part of the problem is that many YouTubers have been complaining about the R5 because they usually do longer recording sessions (they are YouTubers, after all). Essentially, a YouTuber is more likely to be a video guy than a photographer type. Let’s be honest: how many of them bash the A7Siii for being a crappy stills camera just as much as they trash the R5’s recording limits? It’s this specific point that makes me doubt their integrity. Once you ignore this category of YouTubers and focus on the ones who take a more balanced look at the camera (e.g. Jared and Gordon), you realize just how amazing this camera is. I couldn’t care less if this YouTuber or that one is upset because they can’t record unlimited 4KHQ in-camera. That is strictly their problem, not the camera’s. They can a) look into an external recorder, or b) look into a more video-centric device. All it does in my eyes is prove to what extent their biases are real.

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