How intelligent is IBIS?

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Nice to see the IBIS that Canon has brought forth on the R5 and R6. I had a question as to how they usually implement this sort of thing. For instance, just say you are shooting with IS off at 80mm in AV mode and the camera picks a shutter speed of 1/80 at an ISO of 800. In the same situation with IS on, would the camera automatically determine that a lower ISO would be better, determine that a slower shutter speed would be the way to go, a combination of both, or is it totally up to the user at that point to change these settings (for instance lower in the ISO and slower in the shutter)?. Basically wondering how its intelligence works.

Thank you.

"IBIS works by moving the sensor inside your camera in order to compensate for the camera movement.",the%20sensor%20by%20moving%20it%20left%2Fright%20and%20up%2Fdown.

It doesn't have anything to do with shutter speed, etc.

Yes it works that way but I was just wondering as due to the fact that it is working does it then tell the camera you can use a slower shutter speed, lower ISO, etc. If it doesn't then it would be nice if it said how many stops you were getting out of it, so for instance if you were shooting inside at the shutter\aperture speeds for the exposure you wanted without IBIS, turning it on would say it is giving 4 stops of improvement so one could change the ISO from 1600 to 100 - that kind of thing. Maybe it doesn't and one just has to experiment to find out how much they are getting with each lens and then they just know they have additional flexibility when setting ISO and shutter speed going forward.

Or if one is in a situation without IBIS that would require a 1/80 second shutter speed at a chosen ISO, then when activated the camera would automatically know that the IBIS is giving a 4 stop improvement and then lower the ISO or shutter speed depending on options\preferences you have preset.

The question would also apply to automatic mode, which I don't use. Does the camera know it is getting some IBIS latitude and thus shoot with a lower ISO, smaller aperture, or slower shutter speed automatically?

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