A fatal game of ilussion

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Re: A fatal game of illusion

Gerry Winterbourne wrote:

BidinTime wrote:

One problem with user reviews is that you don't know if they are compensated for posting favorable reviews.

I wouldn't be surprised to learn that people who have posted on DPR are compensated for doing so.

Of the thousands if people who have posted reviews here I'd be astonished if more than one or two (if even that many) receive any reward.

Think about t: the user comments are attached to the fully detailed reviews by DPR personnel. Most people won't bother to look at them - once I've seen the technical capabilities in the full review, why should I care if one individual likes or dislikes the camera. Paying someone for a favourable opinion is only worthwhile if that influences other people to buy. The way the user comments appear here mean that it's unlikely that they'll have enough influence to be worth the cost of paying fir them.

DPR posts influence buying (and other) decisions. On a daily basis people ask for advice on gear. There you go.

I'm not talking solely about user reviews. I'm talking about all user content.

Just because you think you're not influenced doesn't mean it's true. Have you ever visited a link to a blog/user gallery/YouTube channel? That's influence and it leads to sales.

DPR is a target rich environment: people who have money for discretionary purchases.

If I had a photography-related product to sell I'd be talking about it here. I don't like subliminal promotion.

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