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Re: FCAS App... Tulip pic

Uncle Frank's tutorial will tell you all the details, and you can always ask him questions too!

You have some interesting suggestions and ideas! I'll have to try some of them!

Gary Nash wrote:
Two things:

Where is the FACS thread and how do I join?

The pic is GREAT. How would it look if you backlit it slightly? You
know, throw as reflected piece of something below the flower at a
45 degree angle (say, a piece of aluminum wrap folded onto a piece
of cardboard). It might make it sparkle.

Not that it needs it - it really pops now. I especially like the
delicate detalis on the petals. I need to work really hard to do
that with my 5700 - my exposure expertise is pretty rudimentary..

Uncle Frank wrote:

Camare wrote:

Giving it a go. Is it good enough? What else can I do to make it
better? I really like this method of photographing flowers!

It's certainly good enough, Mary. Personally, I prefer the second
composition, but that's a matter of style. Both are excellent
macros, and the fcb backgrounds are perfectly processed. The only
concern is with white balancing, but the results are crisp and

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