Is it time let my 80 400 G go??

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Is it time let my 80 400 G go??

Hello folks;

Well I've studied to or not to. Over the last 6 to 8 years I've seen my health go downhill. And the last 8 months or so I have been streamlining my overall kit.

Today I ordered a Tamron 18 400 to replace the Nikon. I've also scaled down my other most often used kit. So where am I.?  lately I received a Nikon 10 20 WA, Dx lens, Its for my D5300, along with my 18 140. The 18 400 will work with my D7100 just fine. I went this was versus going with maybe a 16 35 or 18 35 and the D750.

Recently Think Tank,introduced three new sling bags, a small one for ML kits, a second one for larger Ml and small DSL kits, and the largest for DSL kits. I bought the middle one for my D5300 and 18 140, 10 20 WA kit, enough room for a few acc. weighs only bag and all about 3.0 to 3.5 LBS. Next the largest sling bag handles my D7100 and the new 18 400, again enough room for one more lens, either 35 DX or 85 1.8 G.

About last December, I bought the Nikon 58 1.4 for my D610. Then a few months ago I decided to move up to the D750! instead of going to Ml kits. The 750 arrived the day before the country shut down for the virus.

So this now leaves my 80 400 D610 and 24 120 F4 in the spotlight? do I sell or place in a bag and put in back of the closet! It just wasn't fun thinking about trying to go and enjoy my pastime;  too much weight.

Also, I shoot film almost as much as digital, 3 Nikon film bodies and several older AF and AF D zooms. My modern AF S and G lenses work just fine on my N80s and single N75.

Going out with a "load" just took the fun out of it. Now I can "sling" a single bag on my back, and walk with my cane. I even have my old Bogen, 3001 tripod its still light enough to keep and use.

Now I thought about upgrading to maybe a D5600 or D7500 or both, after spending time researching too much money for too little return in IQ, over my current DSLR bodies.

Many folks have been helpful over last several years, with suggestions how to stay happy and active. Now I think I have the answer that will give me several more years in photography. Just turned 74, and I just cannot handle a "ton" of gear.

So I may have a "yard sale" or put it in back of closet and let my wife and son deal with it later.  I thank all those who've inspired me over the past few years.

"dog house riley"

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