Dummy’s issues with Windows 10

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Dummy’s issues with Windows 10

Hi all

Whereas I normally work on a Mac I am currently using a laptop PC with a 13” screen and 16GB of RAM and I experience some dummy’s issues:

1. The Taskbar

Because of the small size of the screen I chose the option of automatic masking of the Taskbar. It works for a while then it goes in constantly visible or not at all.

Did I miss something?

2. Edge

I tried to uninstall IE, in vain, and now after an update of Windows Edge took over displaying itself at startup or after awakening. I find it extremely intrusive.

If the PC is not connected there is a message:

“You are not connected.

The Web is just not the same without you.

Come back in line.”

I know darn well the Web is not the same without me, I invented it.

Is it possible to tell Edge to just shut up?

It seems to be a pretty basic soft: it doesn’t even have menus. Do you have to live with it because it was decided so in Redmond?

3. Welcome screen

When starting up or awakening you get a nice pic with some sort of a button in the middle to click on to continue and enter your password. Sometimes this button is not active and I am stuck. I tried several times to put the PC to sleep and wake it up, to no avail and it even end up with no button at all. I have to wait for a while and try again. It’s very annoying.

Do know of a solution?

4. Keyboard

It’s an Asus with a backlit keyboard. I find it a bit annoying and it certainly wastes power. I found no way to shut it down.

Any clue ?

Thanks in advance for your advice


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