Upgrade my m4/3 body w/ pancake lens or get compact aps-c?

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Re: Upgrade my m4/3 body w/ pancake lens or get compact aps-c?

rich_cx139 wrote:

I use the 1.7/20 a lot on my em5.1. Lovely lens - af a bit slow.

Also agree upgrading to a more recent m43 body should give you better results.

For small and cheap I favour a used on-d e-m10ii

Found a black em10 ii for 399 cad new in box (clearance sale) about $246 USD with the 14-42 kit lens. Thinking that's the one to get when it comes to best bang for the money.  That's $280 cheaper than the m10 iii body only that's on sale now. Plus it's 6 years newer than my gf1. I played with the m10 ii in the store over noon hour and it seems like a massive leap over my gf1, wow. I can then sell either the oly 14-42 or my currnt panny 14-42. probably sell the gf1 + panny 14-42 and recover $150 maybe....

like the 5 axis ibis that I can use with the 20mm and a vintage 55mm lens I have. I'd lose the lens IS in my panny 45-200 but the body ibis is probably better anyway.

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