ISO invariance understanding it - just checking something

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Re: ISO invariance understanding it - just checking something

bclaff wrote:

CESA wrote:

Thank you all for your reply. Very helpful.

I have another question. Is it true that using third stops of ISOs can create higher noise pictures?

If intermediate ISO settings are done by scaling the whole ISO values then it can appear that some intermediate settings are noisier. The differences, real or not, are small; so I wouldn't worry about it.

Thanks for your reply Bill.

Was asking this because apparently the camera that I currently owe, a 6D isn't ISO invariant so one should be careful with the ISO options.

Does it make sense to select the ISO values even if they are third stops that present hight DR and/or less DN read? For example ISO160 has higher DR compared to ISO100. But probably the difference is negligible.

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