How do you sell your photos online?

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Re: How do you sell your photos online?

Ian_abaco wrote:

jimhughes wrote:

I've sold photos on FAA for years. What would you like to know?

I checked out your site, very nice images. I noticed it's through smugmug and don't see an option to buy a print. I have a free FAA so only able to list 25 photos. Do you pay the $30 a year for unlimited? Do people just find your images there or do you post your images other places? Please share your FFA link and I appreciate any info you'd share.

Thank you

The reason my site doesn't currently have a "buy" link is that if it did, I couldn't link to it in posts here on DPReview. I'm probably going to restore the "buy" links and quit posting here for that reason.

Here's my FAA main page:

If you don't pay the $30 you can only put up 25 images, and you'll never be found. The only sales I get are from people finding me somehow on FAA, either via Google or FAA's own keyword search (which is terrible).

FAA is a long story, there are a lot of things I could say about it, both good and bad. First off, their internal keyword search ranking is based on past sales  - so until you get lucky and sell something, you're buried on page 1,000.  So you need to get more than 25 up there, and keyword them well, and then get lucky.   Of course if you have your own marketing efforts, you may not need to rely on search, like I do.

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