APS-C vs 1": How much does sensor size matter for compact cameras?

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Re: 1 inch is enough

Rambow wrote:

I had the same dilemma.

RX100 cameras have IS, excellent AF and great video, among other things.

The XF10 should have better iso results, iso 3200 on the sony should look like iso 1600 on the fuji, however because the fuji has no IS you might end up using higher iso.

I think both are great cameras, but the rx100 series does more stuff and the lens sharpness is fantastic. Also don't underestimate how nice the AF on the rx series is in comparison to fuji's.

In theory fuji should also have better colors.

So it all depends on the type of photography that you do. I think the xf10 is a landscape camera, good at capturing still objects and nature.

Good point about IS... what did you end up going with or did you decide on nothing?

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