35mm battle Nikon Z 35 vs fuji?

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Re: Side-by-Side wide-open Comparison

I agree... For some reason, pointing out the obvious on *any* Fujifilm specific forum, or around Fuji fanboys, can quickly get you into trouble. It is a very biased crowd and I feel uncomfortable at the Fuji forum on DPreview. Mods can also put you into the corner for saying that Fuji's lacking behind other brands in certain areas.

Just ignore these people and shoot with whatever makes you happy. No brand is perfect.

Plus - it's very hard to make a lens that pleases everyone. Over-correcting a lens makes it perform good on reviews, but also kills character. On the other hand - making an expressive lens can make people complain about performance, e.g. Nikkor 105mm/1.4E or Nikkor 58/1.4E. The problem in this case is that Sigma Art 50 blows away the Nikkor 58 in all reviews, and being half the price, people just can understand why is that.

If producers are more honest and direct about the intended purpose of the lens, I think that will make the life easier for everyone. Very few lenses are truly universal, but most lenses are being sold as such...

That's my personal view on the matter

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