Nikkor-z-70-200 f2.8 review on Italian website: terrific lens

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Re: Explain?

I don't doubt you as I've heard a lot of people praising that lens.

Currantos wrote:

I am lucky to be able to use the newest 70-200 F mount on a consistent basis.

That lens is SO good that when it misses focus it laughs at YOU for doing it poorly and messing up its performance.

No I am serious, that lens is approaching prime results in the center and the AF is SUPER fast and accurate. DSLR accurate and beginner photographer accurate, because I am a beginner. Once you get the hang of it I have blown up images 300% and cropped to the face from a full body shot from 30 feet away and it was fully sharp and detailed to use as a portrait shot. Pores wrinkles lashes and iris details and all. NOT because I am a good photographer in any way, I am not, I am a beginner with only a little bit of experience but because I was lucky and the lens is able to deliver.

VR is very good too, maybe not 5.5 stops good but GOOD!

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Knew very little about photography when I decided to buy the awesome Nikon D70; learned quickly that this expensive camera didn't make me a good photographer.

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