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?: Pro shoot at someone's house you don't know....dangerous??

Hello Everyone!

Would love to get your input and opinions on this subject.

I do a paid shoots through sites/apps like Bark, Thumbtack and others through word of mouth or by clients just reaching out on social media.

Ive done several shoots at people's homes here in Phoenix, AZ as the summer time heat is difficult to deal with when doing portraits, pet photography, headshots etc. Although I do not mind doing the shoots outside, many clients prefer a studio (which I don't have) or an indoor location like their place of business or home.

Ive often wondered how others feel about going to a client's home not knowing anything about them whatsoever.

I don't know if im overly paranoid or if its perfectly normal, but every time Ive done one at someone's home whom I don't know I always get a bit of an eerie feeling when I walk in. Not knowing if youre going to be a victim of an assault, robbery or worse.

I try to determine ahead of time, based on any information I can gather, whether or not to feel apprehensive about a particular shoot, but of course the bottom line is that there is always risk of the unknown.

With all of the stories you hear about people having bad experiences on sites like Craigslist it makes me stop and think if its worth the risk.

How do you feel about it? Would you always do it, never, or just in certain scenarios? Do you go on gut feel? Or, do you have a policy when it comes to doing shoots at peoples' homes who you do not know?

If so, are there any precautions you would recommend? Carrying a gun, protection eqt. or other?

Im very anxious to find out your opinions and want to thank you in advance for your thoughts and input!

best to you always,


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