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Hey Tony, thanks for the kind words. I completely agree with you that the pano mode in the A2P is fantastic. Regarding redundancy against internal stitching errors, you can set the mode to separately save all the individual photos taken for the pano as individual pics in either JPG or RAW... which is something I did and is an awesome feature!

I actually picked up the A2P a week before this trip to the Dolomites solely for the purpose of grabbing shots like this -- I had never flown it until we were in Castelrotto. I took several panos and with regard to stitching errors, there were very few if any issues -- really the pano mode is effortless. I found the 360 mode to less useful but the vertical and horizontal pano modes delivered stunning pics. The straight up single exposures were also fantastic.

I also have a Typhoon H Pro and a Karma with Hero Black 7, but neither of those drones is even close to the qualifying as very high quality flying camera as the A2P. I also have a Sony RX10iv (same 1"-type Sony sensor as the A2P) and an A7iii -- along with a Leica SL and X Vario, and yet still a Fuji X100S. What the Mavic/Hassy can do is very very impressive straight out of the camera.

For still photography I don't think there's a better drone. However the new Typhoon H3 with the same 1"-type Sony sensor co-developed between Yuneec and Leica is intriguing (if expensive) -- the Typhoons are also comparatively HUGE relative to the Mavic -- which I shoved along with smart controller into it's tiny bag and then into my suitcase packed with ski gear for two weeks.

Feel free to ask anything about the A2P -- and I will try to post more pics from the Dolomites soon.


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Castelrotto in the Italian Dolomites. Pano mode JPG

Late reply to an old thread, but I have to say Nice job. Other than the sample photos on the manufacturer's site this is the first shot I've seen from the 2 Pro that gives me confidence that it can produce photos that I would try to obtain.

It's also the first shot I've seen that confirms that the 2 Pro can internally create stitched panoramas. It's extremely odd that I was able to find nothing about that feature on the company website that come sup for my region. It's a massively touted feature for the Air 2, and with sufficient digging I found that they acknowledge it for the 2 Zoom.

Question to any with direct experience: are there occasional stitching errors? It seems to me that insurance against that would be to take redundant panoramas to counteract bad results from sudden wind gusts that might be encountered mid-sequence.

Also can someone reply with the list of available panoramic modes? Is it the same as with the Air?

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