Still not happy with the D850 AF

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Re: Still not happy with the D850 AF

Nils wrote:

I have been shooting with the D850 (three in total) since it release. I have a huge line up on lenses I love. Especially the 200mm 2.0, 400mm 2.8 and the incredible 105mm 1.4

I have tried so many solutions on the AF problems. Different AF Shift on different Apertures with the same lens! E.g. I adjust the backfocus on the 105mm at 1.4, but at 2.8 it needs a different back focus adjustment.

Now with Sony and Canon really being able to handle this with their newest cams ( the Canon r5 AF looks incredible) and the Z-Series of Nikon not really an upgrade it is really tough for me to wait, especially with Nikon about to go broke

What to do? I am really hoping for a Nikon Z8 or something, which is probably earliest end of 2021 (until then they will be out of business imho)

Thanks for any thoughts!

Have you sent the bodies and lenses to Nikon?  You say you've had this problem with AF since the release of the D850 - well that's 3 years I believe.  That sure is a long time.  So what have Nikon said or done??

By the way yours is the only post I've seen with this sort of extreme problem...on any site I look at.  If they were my bodies they'd have been back with Nikon ages ago.  I hope you get it sorted.

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