Stilts, Lizard, Turtle, Ducks & More (8/12/20)

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Stilts, Lizard, Turtle, Ducks & More (8/12/20)

Keeping going with the wildlife posts, in our dwindling photo posts and fairly quiet boards lately...hopefully still some interest in seeing more wildlife from lockdown central of the United States!  Since I still mostly have only one spot to go shoot the wildlife, other than my backyard, the selection isn't always as diverse as usual, but not too bad on this last trip.  Previously I had the wood ducks and green herons shot on July 19th - this series continues that same shooting day, but moving on to a few other types of birds, and a few reptiles too just for fun.

All of the following were taken at Peaceful Waters, on July 19th, with the A6600 and FE200-600mm G OSS combo, and all are posted at 1800 pixels on the long side if you click through the originals:

First, the surprise.  Black necked stilts!  These are usually winter birds for us, arriving sometime in early January and gone by April to May.  But they seem to have either come back early, or decided to stick around out at the western parks this year.

This fella was doing the classic one-legged stand that stilts like to do when they're resting on their feet - they'll alternate feet every dozen minutes or so

A pair of stilts near the shore - one was more active and looking for food.  The strange bokeh by the way is because I was shooting this through a chainlink fence - this is a section of pond that's fenced off and people aren't allowed to go - with a big lens, you can still shoot the birds over there

Also over in the secured pond were these black-bellied whistling ducks - one having a bath while the other grooms

Sitting up in the weeds and mud flats, this turtle was drying off and taking a load off its feet

A pair of napping whistling ducks among the rocks in the shallows.  Well, almost napping - they opened their eyes to watch me pass, making sure I wasn't a threat (I apparently wasn't, as they just stayed there and closed their eyes again)

This great egret was up on the grassy levee that I was walking on - as I approached, he cautiously walked down the bank to the shore of the waters to let me pass

Once again, I missed jesus walking on water.  This basilisk lizard had just jumped off the levee as I approached, and I didn't even see him there - he ran across the water which is when I finally noticed him, too late - and was up on this pond apple tree before I could even get the camera up to my eye.  Still, I shot him on the side of the tree

A trio of mottled ducks, dabbling and feeding on the bottom of the shallow water - two were up and watching me, while the third was still tail-up, grabbing what he could off the bottom

A moorhen, aka 'common gallinule', eating the duckweed along the shore

Comments, questions, and critique welcomed as ever.

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