Uncleanable dirt in a lens

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Re: Uncleanable dirt in a lens

Pakro wrote:

Gerry Siegel wrote:

Pakro wrote:

Sensor is clean, it has nothing to do with it. Unfortunately I'm gonna have to have it serviced. Thanks for replies.

Good luck. In the event it is not dust but a series of flaw in the lens element coating, and that is not impossible since you blew all stuff out and wiped down, you may not be able to afford the repair. Sincerely, good luck. Let us know if you can. interesting.

What kind of flaw do you have in mind? What could manifest itself as dust but isn't dust after all? Also I don't understand what you meant by not being able to afford it? Maybe because the whole front element will have to be replaced?

Can you show one or more images of such dirt in the photo? You can shoot a wall, sky, etc or just anything showing it. It’s best if you shoot the same thing wide open then f16 for example.

This way, you can get some valuable comments and potentially solve the issue.

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