R5 - 1st curtain electronic OR mechanical shutter?

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Re: R5 - 1st curtain electronic OR mechanical shutter?

Mikeimages wrote:

Got my R5 a few days ago and I really love the camera. Could've been slightly bigger though, the buttons are a bit small, but I'll get used to it.

Out of the box, the camera was set to use 1st curtain electronic shutter. I changed it to mechanical, mostly because it felt familiar from my DSLR.

Which type of shutter is best to use, and in what situations? I know the drawbacks of the fully electronic shutter, but what about the 1st curtain electronic? Are there any advantages/drawbacks compared to the mechanical shutter?

It would depend to what extent the fully mechanical shutter causes any kind of shutter shock.  On my Nikon Z6 there is an auto setting, that will use EFCS or Mechanical depending on shutter speed.  I thought anything below 1/200 would be EFCS and anything faster than that would be mechanical.

That threshold is probably different on the R5, but the R5 doesn't appear to have an auto setting anyway.  Sometimes EFCS can cause weird background blurring issues at wide open apertures.

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