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Re: Various uprez programs

Back to DTC...

I thought a useful experiment, for me, would be to compare an image taken w/ DTC and then an image taken w/o, but with FL sized up to 'match' the FL which the DTC created.

so, an image of Pink Ladies in our Open Space tract, taken with my EM5-ii & 14-150mm .
1/20, f10, 320 ISO, 5300 WB, Auto Gradation, -0.3ev, natural mode.
IMPORTANT NOTE - I shoot RAW+LSF... (may prove to be a factor, as noted in my later comment, below)
Images are not exact for FL match, since I did that 'by eye'. The DTC comes from an 18mm (so equiv 36mm) setting and the 'un-DTC'd image is at 38mm.

Side by Side comparos were done and screen shot within Workspace.

Here's the 100% comparo (DTC on left, 'normal' on right)

100% Comparo - Left-DTC @ 18mm, Right -normal @ 38mm

Here's the Full JPG image comparo

Images Comparo Full Frame JPGs - Left DTC 18mm , Right Normal 38mm

So, is DTC a worthy consideration?
Interesting thing is the slightly different 'rendition' as to color, contrast and saturation.
No settings changes were made, about 30 secs between shots on a clear evening sky.
Is this possibly because the JPG engine is rendering the 2 JPG images slightly differently -  because the DTC image is created from the RAW image which encompasses more of the scene and therefore has a different exposure/color balance... ?

Image Comparo - Full Frame RAW - Left DTC 18mm , Right Normal 38mm

I'll prolly use DTC when there's no time do a lens change, image is fleeting, and getting in close as opposed to cropping is a better option - Pixel peeping is not a big thing for me...

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