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Re: Macro Lighting Advice

Rodger in Edmonton wrote:

Scroll through the threads in this forum Joe and you will find dissertations on lighting products and techniques - they generally break down b/w those who use Speed Lights 1 mounted or or 2 on arms and those who use ring lights - to each her or his own and build your own diffusers.

There are threads on this matter also.

Don't run out and buy. Study the problem, your gear and consider what you will be shooting most of the time. IMHO almsot all the best flash rigs are a mix of bought flashes and DIY diffusers and materials people try.

If you mix and match brands ; you must ensure all triggers will fire with your set parameters, ones es such threads time to time and almost all solvable with a bit of research.

Thank you Rodger for your advice. I must admit I already have a double speadlight set up that can be used on/off camera, so I think you right that before I go out and buy new kit, I need to research cheaper more affective ways that I can use the equipment I already own.

Cheers, Joe

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